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A Dog Blog

Water Dog?
Now ten months old and looking very athletic in that smooth auburn coat, the sweet faced puppy is looking more like a grown up dog.  It's summertime and we're at the lake. Thinking that he should learn to swim my son picked him up and walked out 10 feet from the shore, placed him in the water and those big feet made short work of paddling to shore!  He scrambled out, did a good shake, shake, shake.  And then . . . dash about and prance, prance, prance . . .  seemed like he thought it felt rather good. 
   But he did NOT want to go back in.

A month later, another visit to the lake. My son dove off the dock and began swimming and calling to him.  He dashed back and forth the length of dock quite excitedly, seemingly uncertain as to what he should do.  On the third dash he paused for a split second at the end of the dock and then jumped in!  Whoa, what a surprise!!  He took a few strokes towards his master and then headed for shore.  Wouldn't it be fun to know what he was thinking? 
   That surprise jump was his last foray into the water this summer.

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