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A Dog Blog

Growing Pains

Now the thing about these big-footed puppies is that as they start to grow into those paws, they no longer fit in laps or under tables the way they used to.  This can be hard for them to grasp, for although he still fits on the sofa, he no longer fits on the armchair he used to enjoy, and when he tries to browse under the kitchen table he has to duck his head and maneuver a bit to get out from under a now tight spot.

But he is adapting!   He manages cuddle-time when you join him on the sofa.  He can still nestle next to you and will try to fit in your lap – head and maybe those long front legs.  His smooth coat and athletic form seem to invite folks to want to pet him and he is accommodating for the most part when visitors join him on the sofa.   In the heat of a mid-summer's day, he flops down on the bare floor and sprawls out to cool off, and then when the floor gets too hard he's back on the sofa.  Creature comforts!

When he visits at my house he can meander under the table for crumbs as I have one of those taller harvest tables and he makes several rounds of it.   I think he enjoys that he fits there.  It all makes me think of a storybook I had as a young child “Susy" (the Saint Bernard), A Cozy-Corner Book by Whitman Publishing.   As poor Susy grew she caused quite a few upsets while she adjusted to her new size: like falling off her boy's bed in the middle of the night and waking the family, and walking the kitchen table around on her back.

Funny the things we remember from when we were small.   And fun to revisit them while watching a new puppy grow up.

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