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A Dog Blog

First Meeting

He was 4 months old when I first met this sweet-faced puppy with the big feet and smooth auburn coat. He already weighed 40lbs and of course his feet were a dead give-a-way that he was going to be a big dog.  He was playful, curious and affectionate, and had claimed his place on the sofa for his frequent naps, yet another indicator of how he would grow!

I was visiting my son on that day and when I sat down on the other end of the sofa the sleepy, sweet-faced, auburn puppy with the big feet roused enough to scoot over and nestle next to me.  I had a notion then that we would become great friends.

Now I know that real friendship must be able to survive a few transgressions and errors.  And so a nibbled rung on a dining chair, a few losses in the shoe department, and some accidents on the kitchen floor are all par for the course.

It was January in Maine, so the frequent trips outside for house training purposes were chilly and snowy and I must say that it was entertaining to watch as my son tramped a path in the snow in the backyard with the puppy following.  I wonder what the little guy thought of the white stuff, his first winter after all.  Never mind, here they come, snowy- footed puppy now.   Oh and right back on the couch!    He already knows about creature comforts.

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